Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

How to say “This is crap” in different cultures

Follow an extract of the article of Erin Meyer on the Hardward Business Review. It relate about the cross-cultural challenge that a manager was experiencing at work on how to get feedback and suggestions at people in the different cultures, the British versus the Dutch one. “I had been holed up for six hours in a […]


Giving feedback in different cultures

Managers in different parts of the world are conditioned to give feedback in drastically different ways. The Chinese manager learns never to criticize a colleague openly or in front of others, while the Dutch manager learns always to be honest and to give the message straight. Americans are trained to wrap positive messages around negative […]


Discovering Chinese culture!

It’s a heck of a story: how Eden Collinsworth, an American publishing executive, became the Dale Carnegie of China. It begins with her, after nearly three decades of traveling to the country, moving to Beijing in 2011 with the idea of writing a guide to Western etiquette for Chinese businessmen. And it ends, to her […]


“Living abroad”, a manual by Francesca Prandstraller

Move abroad to pursue new professional opportunities is a growing desire among the actors of Italian labor market. Opportunities not always reached because of question marks appearing after an initial period of enthusiasm. How to find the daring to go abroad and which are the tips to keep in mind? Francesca Prandstraller helps us with […]


Job interview in the United States

Job interviews are very different from country to country and reflect habits, laws and cultures, even more fragmented if there are various ethnic groups. As for the United States, where in some large cities (such as Atlanta, for example) habits are closer to ours but concerning work conditions one should be aware of possible differences […]


Different cultures at work: how to ensure safety and health

In recent years, the proportion of migrant workers within the European Union increased considerably and many workplaces therefore are now culturally different. It’s more and more important to deal with cultural differences in order to avoid misunderstandings due to poor communication, which reduces work conditions quality of and thus leading to a rapid staff turnover. […]


“Italians aren’t lazy” by Barbara Serra

From the working point of view London is certainly an important city for Italians. We always start looking for opportunities from the most humble works hoping to arrive to the most important positions. A successful example is that of Barbara Serra, an Italian internationally renowned journalist, who twenty years ago landed in London and became […]


When Italian are successful in China

  More and more Italian companies successfully conquered China, where Made in Italy is highly appreciated.  We wrote about technological and wine sectors and today we can present three Italian companies which fought the crisis starting with the conquest of new markets in the East. These are success stories, starting with Eldor (Elettonica Orsenigo), which […]