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Fifty Italian successful brands

Having a strong and recognizable brand is critical to any company wishing to address a process of economic expansion, both in Italy and abroad., with the help of ICM Advisors, listed the most successful Italian companies with a turnover between 30 and 300 million euros. The analyzed sectors were fashion, food and furniture and […]


Diego Piacentini (Vice President of Amazon): “Italians should be optimistic”

If Diego Piacentini says that Italians should be optimistic, one should believe him. Especially because being a true Italian he looks at our country through the eyes of an expatriate gone overseas for better opportunities, gathering experiences and many successes. Here’s an excerpt of his speech at AFS, from which Intercultura was created. Diego defines […]


Decisyon, the Italian start-up receiving the largest financing in the US

The dream of every startup is succeed in becoming a company. To achieve this, if there’s no equity, it is necessary to resort to venture capitalists or business angels, who can give the oxygen to allow the real breakthrough. Here’s the story of Decisyion, the Italian startup that received funding of $ 22 million by […]


Advertisers successfully re-launch of Made in Italy

The success of Made in Italy abroad also depends on the visibility obtained in traditional media and online. It’s important to rely on professionals to seize every opportunity. Here are some examples of managers who could help with their experience to ramp up overseas sales through advertising campaigns. The idea comes from an article of […]


Claudio Storelli’s story of success and Wayne Rooney’s helmet

The success of an Italian in a foreign land is a great satisfaction but at the same time hides a bit of sadness because Italy wasn’t able to keep a smart mind. Here the story of Claudio Storelli, 31, founder in USA of Storelli Sports, a company that deals with special clothing for football players, […]


Marcello Lippi: the success of an Italian in China

We speak today of a successful professional known and loved by all Italians: Marcello Lippi. After a career as a player before and coach after, sighting success with Juventus winning the Champions League, 5 Serie A titles and the Intercontinental Cup, as well as the World Cup in 2006 with the national team, he decided […]


Start-ups escaping abroad

A growing trend in recent years is related to the internationalization of Italian companies, looking abroad for a more favorable economic environment for their business. Especially young potential entrepreneurs move out of Italy to open their own start-ups. Let us see which are the main reasons… It is a sort of pre-birth relocation of the […]


Fabrizio Freda, the Italian highest-paid manager in the United States

We always highlight the successes of our managers abroad. We speak today of one of the best paid top managers in the world and highest-paid Italian manager in the United States: Fabrizio Freda, 57-year-old, from Naples, leading the giant Estée Lauder. Let’s discover the secrets of his success… His career was very fast: after holding […]


Italian haute cuisine’ success in the East

Italian wine and food quality looks to the East: in Turkey, in the United Arab Emirates and in Japan more and more Italian chefs are working on projects and initiatives very often related to well-known Made in Italy food brands. The difficulties remain those of the past, especially associated to cultural differences that, however, we learned […]


Lavazza sales growing abroad

  Sound Italian roots but an international vision: here’s the Lavazza strategy, a company based in Turin, leader in the coffee industry, engaged in a process of internationalization that led to get 46% of its sales abroad, primarily in the United States and Germany. We’re talking of the eighth company in the world, with 17 billion ground cups, aiming to reach 70% of foreign sales thanks […]


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