Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

Leading Across Cultures: Learn to Adapt Your Style

Erin Meyer is the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business.  Affiliate Professor in the Organisational Behaviour Department at INSEAD Erin specialises in the field of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations, and Multi-Cultural Leadership.


Take off your glasses!

My Itim International’s colleague and dear friend since many years, Fernando Lanzer, wrote a very interesting book about cultural differences and managing styles, politics and economy in a global world. The book is now available as e-book and I recommend it to every  reader interested in the fascinating theme of managing cultural differences. In this […]


10 Habits the United Kingdom taught me

  Living abroad is always a great experience: read what Ines Lizard thinks about living in Uk at this link.        


Why your global team can’t collaborate

An interesting article published by Forbes, written by Carol Kinsey Goman, international keynote speaker for business organizations, government agencies and professional associations. Carol interviews Karine Schomer about problems that can arise when multicultural teams are at work and suggests the best solutions to overcome cultural differences, for instance in planning and global collaboration. Read the […]


The harmonization of differences

Today, in our globalized world, we tend to minimize and underestimate the impact of differences; if it is true that, at least apparently, many cultural peculiarities are failing as result of more and more frequent contacts among different peoples, most of the differences persist and are felt, not only in private life, but also in […]


Italy and Japan: cultural differences at work

Italy and Japan are two countries with very marked cultural differences, both in social and work life. It’s therefore necessary to carefully analyze these differences to reach a better understanding of Japanese behavior at work. Here two examples: the exchange of business cards and the so-called ring system. The possibility of misunderstanding or dislike due […]


Geert Hofstede’s book presentation at “Culture, Organizations and Performance” Conference

  On October 27, at LUISS Business School in Rome, was presented the Italian version of the book by Professor Hofstede, “Cultures and Organizations”, edited and translated by Anna Paola Simonetti of Itim Italy and published by Franco Angeli. In her speech, dedicated to “Cultivate cultural intelligence: the interplay of emotions, perceptions and actions in […]


Cultural differences and etiquette for the women world

The etiquette, or the art to know how to behave in the right way in every situation, should take into account cultural differences and respect traditions, to avoid faux pas when we are abroad in a country we don’t know very well. Let’s now give some information regarding the etiquette with particular reference to women. […]


Discovering Chinese culture!

It’s a heck of a story: how Eden Collinsworth, an American publishing executive, became the Dale Carnegie of China. It begins with her, after nearly three decades of traveling to the country, moving to Beijing in 2011 with the idea of writing a guide to Western etiquette for Chinese businessmen. And it ends, to her […]


German business etiquette – part 2

We continue the short list of business etiquette to follow when dealing with Germans. Knock first: earn German colleagues’ respect by respecting their privacy. If you find a closed door, especially to a private office, always knock before entering. Equally, never call a German colleague at home unless it’s really an emergency … of catastrophic […]


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