Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

“Constructing the Best Culture to Perform” by Bob Waisfisz

Itim International and Itim Italy with great pleasure announce the launch of Bob Waisfisz´s book Constructing the Best Culture to Perform on The book is launched both as physical copy and also as a kindle (e-reader) version. In this book Bob founder of Itim International and business partner of Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede […]


A new course “Cultures, Leadership and Project Management”

  How to minimize conflicts and maximize opportunities in multicultural projects? The cultural diversity within many cross-cultural projects require those managing them to adapt their project management approach to be in harmony with the practices and behaviours of stakeholders from these cultures. Failure to do so can lead to conflict and misunderstanding about the project […]


Italian companies and Internationalization: the results of our search

  Today, companies and organizations increasingly need a “compass” that allows them to navigate, and often extricate themselves, among the many cultural differences found in that great little village that our world has become. But how to address the problem? Itim International recently conducted an international study to examine the subject and measure companies’ propensity […]


How to say “This is crap” in different cultures

Follow an extract of the article of Erin Meyer on the Hardward Business Review. It relate about the cross-cultural challenge that a manager was experiencing at work on how to get feedback and suggestions at people in the different cultures, the British versus the Dutch one. “I had been holed up for six hours in a […]


Building global business: the Culture Factor

The first CultureFactor event received over 120 participants from 9 countries on Friday November 7th. We would like to thank every one of them. A special thanks goes out to our organizing partner, CEGOC Portugal.  The topic of the conference was Building Global Business, the Culture Factor. The main question addressed was: What made small […]


Essentials in Intercultural Management: a new e-learning course

Created by Itim International, the “Essentials in Intercultural Management” e-learning is a source of inspiration and imagination for professionals working in international business, institutions and organizations. This e-learning is a first step into working effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience. You will gain a better understanding of the 6-D model of Hofstede, […]


Italian pharmaceutical industry growing abroad

One of the sectors growing abroad is pharmaceuticals, where both structured companies and new Italian start-ups are increasing their market outside Italy. Which are the reason for these results? The numbers speak of a steady growth even in the recession we are experiencing, so much so that Italian pharmaceutical is now well established abroad, showing […]


Giving feedback in different cultures

Managers in different parts of the world are conditioned to give feedback in drastically different ways. The Chinese manager learns never to criticize a colleague openly or in front of others, while the Dutch manager learns always to be honest and to give the message straight. Americans are trained to wrap positive messages around negative […]


The origin of Indo-European languages

The origin of Indo-European languages has long been a topic of debate among scholars and scientists. In 2012, a team of evolutionary biologists at the University of Auckland led by Dr. Quentin Atkinson released a study that found all modern IE languages could be traced back to a single root: Anatolian — the language of […]


Doing business in Mexico

Here’s the link to an interesting article on how to survive your first meeting in Mexico: a few hints to be more effective and prepared, such as “When we meet with a Mexican counterpart, partner, or client, they will be assessing us to determine if they are dealing with someone of higher, lower, or equal […]


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