Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

Celebrating a journey together

On September 11th 2014, over 160 guests joined the premiere of “An Engineer’s Odyssey“, a documentary about the life and work of Prof. Hofstede. The documentary offers insights in what made this engineer one of the world’s most ground-breaking management gurus. Click for more information on the documentary Professor Hofstede’s motivation for working in the […]


Global Partnership ITIM International & AIESEC

  &  It is with great pleasure and excitement that Itim International announces a Global Partnership with AIESEC. Itim International and AIESEC have a shared purpose in developing cultural awareness in the managers of tomorrow. The goal of our collaboration is to increase AIESEC members’ effectiveness in dealing with cultural challenges, and assist them in […]


Claudio Storelli’s story of success and Wayne Rooney’s helmet

The success of an Italian in a foreign land is a great satisfaction but at the same time hides a bit of sadness because Italy wasn’t able to keep a smart mind. Here the story of Claudio Storelli, 31, founder in USA of Storelli Sports, a company that deals with special clothing for football players, […]


Cultural differences and etiquette for the women world

The etiquette, or the art to know how to behave in the right way in every situation, should take into account cultural differences and respect traditions, to avoid faux pas when we are abroad in a country we don’t know very well. Let’s now give some information regarding the etiquette with particular reference to women. […]


Discovering Chinese culture!

It’s a heck of a story: how Eden Collinsworth, an American publishing executive, became the Dale Carnegie of China. It begins with her, after nearly three decades of traveling to the country, moving to Beijing in 2011 with the idea of writing a guide to Western etiquette for Chinese businessmen. And it ends, to her […]


Other 10 signs you’ve been living in Italy too long

  These is the continuing of the list of things that demonstrate you that living it Italy is intoxicating…… Being surrounded by so much beauty on a daily basis is bound to have an effect. But modern Italy’s chaotic ways, little by little weave a charm on even the most stubborn of foreigners. When you […]


Conference on “Practical ideas to cultivate cultural intelligence” in Rome

Many excellent companies who claim to base their success on a strong and distinctive organizational culture, able to stimulate the involvement of their internal and external stakeholders. Yet, in actual operations, it’s not always easy to understand how to identify and cultivate common values. Even in today’s globalized world, there are strong contrasts between individuals, […]


10 signs you’ve been living in Italy too long

As an expat, when you live in Italy, no matter how much you fight it, no matter how you cling to your cultural identity, you become a little bit Italian. Here are some signs you’ve been living in Italy too long. 1) Coffee is espresso Once upon a time your morning jolt was a steaming […]


German business etiquette – part 2

We continue the short list of business etiquette to follow when dealing with Germans. Knock first: earn German colleagues’ respect by respecting their privacy. If you find a closed door, especially to a private office, always knock before entering. Equally, never call a German colleague at home unless it’s really an emergency … of catastrophic […]


The best place to work? Google!

What is the best place to work?  The answer comes from the Great Place to Work Institute: an analysis of over 6,000 companies and 10 million employees from all over the world decreed the victory of Google, followed by SAS Institute and NetApp.  And in Italy? “A great workplace is where one trusts the people […]


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