Cultural differences and international training.

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Diego Piacentini (Vice President of Amazon): “Italians should be optimistic”

If Diego Piacentini says that Italians should be optimistic, one should believe him. Especially because being a true Italian he looks at our country through the eyes of an expatriate gone overseas for better opportunities, gathering experiences and many successes. Here’s an excerpt of his speech at AFS, from which Intercultura was created. Diego defines […]


The harmonization of differences

Today, in our globalized world, we tend to minimize and underestimate the impact of differences; if it is true that, at least apparently, many cultural peculiarities are failing as result of more and more frequent contacts among different peoples, most of the differences persist and are felt, not only in private life, but also in […]


Italy, China and complementarity in business

China and Italy are two very different realities in their way of doing business.  On the one hand a nation of dirigiste vocation, the other the real land of SMEs.  The visit of the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Matteo Renzi strengthens the possibility of expanding the cooperation between the two countries. The meeting was […]


Selling in foreign markets? Amazon Marketplace proposal

One of the opportunities the web offers to increase sales in foreign countries comes from the so-called ‘marketplaces‘, i.e. sites where a company can create a virtual store and give visibility to products in international and often unattainable markets. It’s an interesting sales method promoted by some international giant like Ebay and Amazon. In this […]


Italy and Japan: cultural differences at work

Italy and Japan are two countries with very marked cultural differences, both in social and work life. It’s therefore necessary to carefully analyze these differences to reach a better understanding of Japanese behavior at work. Here two examples: the exchange of business cards and the so-called ring system. The possibility of misunderstanding or dislike due […]


Drones: the business starts in Italy

After spreading in many countries, including neighbouring France, the business of drones starts in Italy too. Piaggio, Alenia and many start-ups tuned in this market, which could represent a useful innovation to create new jobs. Italy had a delay because of the legislation not permitting to start the business the same way as neighbouring France, […]


ShaoLan Hsueh and “Chineasy”

  For foreigners, learning to speak Chinese is a hard task. But learning to read the beautiful, often complex characters of the Chinese written language may be less difficult. ShaoLan walks through a simple lesson in recognizing the ideas behind the characters and their meaning — building from a few simple forms to more complex […]


Decisyon, the Italian start-up receiving the largest financing in the US

The dream of every startup is succeed in becoming a company. To achieve this, if there’s no equity, it is necessary to resort to venture capitalists or business angels, who can give the oxygen to allow the real breakthrough. Here’s the story of Decisyion, the Italian startup that received funding of $ 22 million by […]


Geert Hofstede’s book presentation at “Culture, Organizations and Performance” Conference

  On October 27, at LUISS Business School in Rome, was presented the Italian version of the book by Professor Hofstede, “Cultures and Organizations”, edited and translated by Anna Paola Simonetti of Itim Italy and published by Franco Angeli. In her speech, dedicated to “Cultivate cultural intelligence: the interplay of emotions, perceptions and actions in […]


Advertisers successfully re-launch of Made in Italy

The success of Made in Italy abroad also depends on the visibility obtained in traditional media and online. It’s important to rely on professionals to seize every opportunity. Here are some examples of managers who could help with their experience to ramp up overseas sales through advertising campaigns. The idea comes from an article of […]


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