Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

Italian pharmaceutical industry growing abroad

One of the sectors growing abroad is pharmaceuticals, where both structured companies and new Italian start-ups are increasing their market outside Italy. Which are the reason for these results? The numbers speak of a steady growth even in the recession we are experiencing, so much so that Italian pharmaceutical is now well established abroad, showing […]


Giving feedback in different cultures

Managers in different parts of the world are conditioned to give feedback in drastically different ways. The Chinese manager learns never to criticize a colleague openly or in front of others, while the Dutch manager learns always to be honest and to give the message straight. Americans are trained to wrap positive messages around negative […]


The origin of Indo-European languages

The origin of Indo-European languages has long been a topic of debate among scholars and scientists. In 2012, a team of evolutionary biologists at the University of Auckland led by Dr. Quentin Atkinson released a study that found all modern IE languages could be traced back to a single root: Anatolian — the language of […]


Doing business in Mexico

Here’s the link to an interesting article on how to survive your first meeting in Mexico: a few hints to be more effective and prepared, such as “When we meet with a Mexican counterpart, partner, or client, they will be assessing us to determine if they are dealing with someone of higher, lower, or equal […]


F35 Fighter Aircraft: in Novara the European maintenance pole

Italy remains leader in aircraft industry. Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti confirmed that Italy was chosen to be the European center for maintenance of all the F35 that will fly in Europe. Definitely a positive news in terms of image and economics, meaning more activities for the sector and for the city of Novara and its […]


Fifty Italian successful brands

Having a strong and recognizable brand is critical to any company wishing to address a process of economic expansion, both in Italy and abroad., with the help of ICM Advisors, listed the most successful Italian companies with a turnover between 30 and 300 million euros. The analyzed sectors were fashion, food and furniture and […]


Leading Across Cultures: Learn to Adapt Your Style

Erin Meyer is the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business.  Affiliate Professor in the Organisational Behaviour Department at INSEAD Erin specialises in the field of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations, and Multi-Cultural Leadership.


Take off your glasses!

My Itim International’s colleague and dear friend since many years, Fernando Lanzer, wrote a very interesting book about cultural differences and managing styles, politics and economy in a global world. The book is now available as e-book and I recommend it to every  reader interested in the fascinating theme of managing cultural differences. In this […]


10 Habits the United Kingdom taught me

  Living abroad is always a great experience: read what Ines Lizard thinks about living in Uk at this link.        


Why your global team can’t collaborate

An interesting article published by Forbes, written by Carol Kinsey Goman, international keynote speaker for business organizations, government agencies and professional associations. Carol interviews Karine Schomer about problems that can arise when multicultural teams are at work and suggests the best solutions to overcome cultural differences, for instance in planning and global collaboration. Read the […]


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