Cultural differences and international training.

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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

Speak As You Eat: Tap Water

Speak As You Eat:  Tap Water by Antonio Frova (


Internationalization: new European Commission announcement for Clusters

For promoting clusters (aggregates) of firms in order to exploit the potential of internationalization processes, the European Commission has set up a total plafond of EUR 350 million, within the Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation 2007-2013. (CIP)


A funny way to deal with stereotypes and cultural differences

Cultural differences are an important asset, enhancing individual growth both at work and in personal life. The idea of Beatrice Bijou de Luca (her father is Italian, her mother from the Ivory Coast) confirms how important it is to dispel some myths related to the differences in cultures.


AlmavivA: an Italian ICT conquering Brazil

Internationalization process has more and more supporters. Especially now, in times of crisis, companies seek to expand their markets. AlmavivA, among the major Italian companies operating in the information technology sector for institutions, banks and companies, decided to invest over 11 million Euros in Brazil, making the most of capitals and know-how gained from years […]


Speak As You Eat: Recess

Speak As You Eat: Recess By Antonio Frova (


Turkey: new opportunities for Italian companies

Turkey has always been an economic partner of Italy keen to develop trade and business relations. The “First Entrepreneurs Committee 2013” organized by the Italian Embassy and our business community in Istanbul focused on partnership  between Turkey and Italy.


Francesco Bellissimo: the success of an Italian in Japan

Francesco Bellissimo – whose name in Italy is mostly unknown – is a celebrity in Japan, mainly for Rome-Kun, a manga designed to explain Italian mentality to an audience with different cultural backgrounds. Francesco was born January 3, 1979 to an Italian father and a Japanese mother; he immigrated to Japan   in 2001, to study […]


25 million to promote internationalization

Good news for companies looking for funds to internationalize their business. Thanks to an agreement signed by Iccrea BancaImpresa, Credito Cooperativo corporate bank controlled by Iccrea Holding, and Sace, € 25 million of short-term financing will be allocated to international projects.


Italian talent for Facebook

Sometimes unbelievable stories teach us that passion and amusement can become a serious matter. It’s the story of Andrea Vaccari and Glancee, his Italian start-up, meeting Mark Zuckerberg a few months ago and building an Italian worldwide success.


Italian Companies still growing abroad

According to a study conducted by BNL – BNP Paribas in 2010, the number of Italian companies located in our country fell by more than 11,400 units, while in the same year Italian companies sited abroad exceeded 22,000 units, with a growth of 3.8%.


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