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Qatar: a new opportunity for the Italian building sector

The increasingly stringent crisis hitting the Italian construction sector is forcing the industry to look abroad for potentially more profitable markets. This sector more than others bore the brunt of the crisis and the taxation pressure. In Qatar, at “Project Qatar” – the building expo in Doha – there were more than 2,000 companies from […]


Opposites attract: Barilla’s penne in Mc Donald’s menu

News from the world of fast food: Barilla and Mc Donald’s together for the new line of pasta salads of the American giant. Testimonial Belen Rodriguez who, during the Milan Food Week, acted as “godmother” to this union which also has a major cultural significance: a typical ingredient of Italian cuisine side by side with […]


A success story: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is an entrepreneur of the fashion industry, cashmere specially, who started his business in Umbria region and now slowly attaining great success: result of his work, dedication and the right mindset.


Lombardy Region: 1 billion supporting business

Business support coming from Lombardy Region, which in 2013 will provide almost one billion euro in order to encourage developments, aggregation and internationalization, focusing on research and innovation.


Piedmont Region sustains internationalization

Business Internationalization is a dear concept for Piedmont Region, who presented to local companies Integrated Market Projects and Integrated Supply Chain Projects, with a total of over 13 million and 500 thousand Euros, devised with Unioncamere Piemonte. Piedmont was one of the first regions to believe and focus on internationalization, thanks to a long lasting industrial basis, definitely […]


Cultural differences at work

Differences are a positive value: they increase the cultural synergy of a company and have positive effects in various environments, from the religious one to the lifestyle one and, above all, to the working environment. At international level companies are increasingly hiring personnel from different cultures. First consequence is the need to build strong teams […]


SMEs internationalization: advantages and issues

For many SMEs internationalization is one of the main keywords to day. This post shows some of the advantages and the main issues arising from the processes of internationalization, a priority for many small and medium-sized Italian companies still facing the economic crisis. What does it mean “to internationalize a company”?


France in pole position for Italian companies moving abroad

The economic crisis and the unstable political situation are pushing many Italian companies to move abroad, where markets such as Eastern Europe and neighboring France seem absolutely more attractive. This consequently leads to an increase of needs of cultural integration that should be a priority for companies forced to ‘get away’ from Italy.


Italy and China

It’s certainly interesting to find out the most obvious cultural differences between Italy and China, two countries that in recent years stepped into a profitable economic cooperation. In the past Westerners called China the ‘yellow peril’, perhaps because of some characteristics of Chinese people when moving to other counties (such as massive displacements, strong self-sustaining, […]


Increasing number of Italian companies abroad

One of the most noticeable trends of recent months is the strong growth of Italian companies abroad. This is certainly due to the market crisis faced by Italy, but also to the fact that other states, alas, offer more opportunities to entrepreneurs than Italy does. Some examples? Fiat, Brembo, Mapei.


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