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This website will help you deal successfully with different cultures and increase your competitiveness in the global market: discover how to develop your cultural skills.

How to enhance your intercultural competences

In a world and in a market where internationalization and globalization are daily realities for companies, effectively managing cultural differences is a great challenge in every working context. Creating long lasting business relationships, negotiating, leading multi-cultural project teams, hiring, evaluating and motivating personnel: in every phase of our business life we must take into account the multicultural dimension.

Among the major problems faced by managers working internationally, researches indicate that the second one refers to cultural diversities.

Acquiring cultural competences is than a key requirement for the overall success of a company. But there are not many options to fulfill this need, especially when the market demands very quick reactions and strong competitive tools.
In fact companies do not have enough resources (money and time) to pay their staff a long “learning time” abroad without, in the meantime, reaching their business goals, nor is possible for a company ask its people to study and attain specific cultural skills on their own. And hiring a skilled person only when needed is even less workable.

The only tool that can make a valuable contribution in the short term is intercultural training and coaching. Since 1994 Itim Italy supports with its consultancy and training Italian and international companies aiming to globally develop their business.

Through Itim training, participants get the necessary cultural competences to work effectively in multicultural environments and to better understand cultures they are confronted with in their job.

Itim trainer leads the classroom through several learning steps in order to understand different cultural values and their consequences on behaviors and expectations, overcoming stereotypes and cultural biases and learning the best practices when working with colleagues and business partners of different cultures.

Our training courses are always designed according to customer’s requirements: extremely flexible programs are conceived depending on participants’ roles and jobs and the cultures involved. Professor Geert Hofstede Five D Models is the “starting point” of our training: then examples, cases, group exercises and videos offer a practical and pragmatic learning sessions.

Moreover, being part of a wide international network of consultants and researchers, Itim Italy shares a constantly updated know-how and benefits from privileged support from professional colleagues.

Our clients belong to many industrial sectors and services, training attendees work in various company areas: top managers or call center operators, sales and marketing people or human resources managers, board directors or legal experts.

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