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Itim Italy: new training programs for 2013

Two new Italian clients, operating in the same industry sector, asked Itim Italy to deliver training courses on intercultural management for very different company realities.

The first company, with a long experience at international level, plans to expand its market globally and consequently its need is to create cultural competencies on Chinese, Indian and Japanese cultures. Three deeply different cultures where expectations on communication and negotiation approach and business practices could be very unusual (and sometimes frustrating) for an Italian businessman. Top managers and sales representatives will be the attendees.

The course, tailored to the specific needs of the client, enables participants to acquire cultural skills so important and useful for improving personal effectiveness in dealing with these cultures.

Know- how about “business etiquette” is not enough: one should understand (and therefore correctly interpret) the complex dynamics of relationships and behaviors motivated by cultural values. With the help of a sound tool for interpreting unusual or unknown behaviors, even “business etiquette” becomes easier to understand and to use, without judging it abstruse or even irritating as sometimes it’s perceived. Acquiring cultural competence can broaden personal and company vision and widen business horizons, simplifying the decision making process and reducing negotiations time and costs.

The second customer reported two requirements: the Italian corporate call center provides products support to customers all over Europe and at the same time shares the global workload with other company’s call centers, located in two different EU countries.

Here the aim of the training is to provide call center personnel with valuable tools for efficiently assist and manage customers of different cultures and for collaborate with colleagues of a virtual team.
In the last case, colleagues working in faraway offices are perceived at an almost unbridgeable distance because of geographical distance and cultural diversities added up: different ways of work organization, prioritizing, communicating with external and internal customers … can trigger unexpected conflicts.

The training offered by Itim Italy contributes to bridge this gap and to manage with sensitivity and intercultural competence relationships with both clients and colleagues of different countries, improving customer satisfaction and collaboration with the European virtual team.

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