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“Constructing the Best Culture to Perform” by Bob Waisfisz

Itim International and Itim Italy with great pleasure announce the launch of Bob Waisfisz´s book Constructing the Best Culture to Perform on The book is launched both as physical copy and also as a kindle (e-reader) version.

In this book Bob founder of Itim International and business partner of Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede since 1980, describes in a practical way how to operationalise Hofstede´s work: How to make the intangible tangible. As globalisation continues to create complexity for all types of organisations, changing business environments require business leaders to understand The Culture Factor©.

This factor is critical in enabling or hindering the implementation of strategic goals. Taking advantage of cultural knowledge is an important success factor for organisations. As they typically have different strategies and resources in place, a key question remains.  Does your organisation have the Best Culture to Perform™?


Key features of the manual:

Organisational culture can be used as an extremely effective additional management tool. That is, if culture can be operationalised.

Strategy and culture belong together. If culture is not aligned with the new strategy, the implementation of the new strategy will not be successful.

Awareness that dreaming up models or relying just on their own experience as consultants is not enough to assist clients properly.

If you’re interested to go in-depth to these key features, go to Amazon and buy “Constructing the Best Culture to Perform

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