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Michele Ferrero: the story of a global entrepreneur

A few days ago Michele Ferrero died. He has been an unforgettable Italian entrepreneur who brought happiness in many Italian and foreign homes thanks to some products such as Nutella, Rocher and Tic Tac. A true example of global success made in Italy.

Born in 1925, he grew up in his father’s pastry shop in Alba, and led it to international success so much so that according to Forbes, in 2014 he was the richest man in Italy, with over 23 billion dollar and the 29th in the world. Today Ferrero is a group with over € 8 billion revenues in 50 countries, through 20 factories employing over 34,000 workers.

Michele Ferrero is the “father” of various successful products: most of us remember him for Nutella, created in 1963 and sold the following year, the true company’s flag. Nutella is a product internationally recognizable spreading Made in Italy around the world.

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