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Building global business: the Culture Factor

The first CultureFactor event received over 120 participants from 9 countries on Friday November 7th. We would like to thank every one of them. A special thanks goes out to our organizing partner, CEGOC Portugal.

 The topic of the conference was Building Global Business, the Culture Factor. The main question addressed was: What made small countries big in the past? A variety of speakers, Gert-Jan Hofstede, Misho Minkov, Bob Waisfisz, Javier San Martin, Eduardo Simões, Christina Röttgers and Paulo Finuras approached a range of topics related to this question. Cultural factors such as trust in institutions, ethical behavior, organizational set-up and family back-up were reviewed.

If we draw a line from small countries to small companies and big countries to big companies, the same challenge hits all of us: how to grow? The way we define growth is different for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean more responsibility, more turnover, or more profit. It could also be growth in efficiency, in corporate social responsibility, etc.

Culture plays a role when talking about building a global business. No matter if we talk about the perspective of nations or organizations, large or small.

We challenge you to visualize the role culture plays for you. Does culture inhibit or enable you to realize your plans to build or manage a global business? Share your stories with us. We will use them to develop our next global conference in October 2015, which will take place in Norway.  (

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