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Italian pharmaceutical industry growing abroad

One of the sectors growing abroad is pharmaceuticals, where both structured companies and new Italian start-ups are increasing their market outside Italy. Which are the reason for these results?

The numbers speak of a steady growth even in the recession we are experiencing, so much so that Italian pharmaceutical is now well established abroad, showing its strong qualities: the highly specialization and the high competition level with foreign colleagues that stimulates to do better.

Success is due to three factors: first, the choice of the big pharmaceutical companies to invest a on Italian plants, placing them at the center of their production, but also the strength of some Italian companies of medium and small size which managed to grow abroad. Finally the choice of the Italian companies to ride the wave of growing exports: over 70% of total production in recent years was directed abroad.

All this even though the Italian market today is not the most desirable, because the pharmaceutical expenditure on GDP is lower in Italy than in most other European countries and the Italian production portfolio is unbalanced towards lower growing segments


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