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Selling in foreign markets? Amazon Marketplace proposal

One of the opportunities the web offers to increase sales in foreign countries comes from the so-called ‘marketplaces‘, i.e. sites where a company can create a virtual store and give visibility to products in international and often unattainable markets. It’s an interesting sales method promoted by some international giant like Ebay and Amazon.

In this way companies, including the least digital oriented, can show their products focusing on their quality and bridging the gap often due to lack of knowledge of the digital marketing and online selling techniques.

A real business also for the marketplaces that in exchange of leads generation activities and new potential customers’ contacts receive a percentage on sales.

Amazon knows its business and is focusing on Amazon Marketplace, already entered by over 12,000 Italian companies; 7,000 Italians and foreign vendors joined the Amazon logistic program in Italy, delegating management, storage and shipping directly to the colossus of Seattle. Over 2,000 are the companies selling their products on also in non-European countries such as Japan, Canada and the United States.

Here’s a huge window in the global market web and an interesting opportunity for Italian SMEs.

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