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Drones: the business starts in Italy

After spreading in many countries, including neighbouring France, the business of drones starts in Italy too. Piaggio, Alenia and many start-ups tuned in this market, which could represent a useful innovation to create new jobs.

Italy had a delay because of the legislation not permitting to start the business the same way as neighbouring France, where already two years ago were settled the legal aspects for the industry, leading to the development of a portfolio that includes more than 700 companies and over 2,000 workers.

The Italian market is still very fragmented – explains Claudio Canella, owner of Cardetch of Padua and Vice President of AiDroni – where next to start-ups and craft activities there are structured aeronautical companies interested in this field.

In fact there are over 70 manufacturers of drones in Italy, accompanied by 350 innovative SMEs that provide services related to the drones themselves, which produced about 400 models for civil use.

This regulatory gap seems now to be filled, thanks to a law of April 30th, which took into account the drones (unmanned aircraft for civil use) classifying them in those weight classes (below or above 25 kg) as aircraft in all respects. To fly drones a license and a special permit are needed if used over populated areas.

Since September, the ENAC, Italian National Agency for Civil Aviation, began tracking the flight operators authorized to critic flights: these include Aermatica in Como, Selex Galileo Falco, the Sky X and y of Alenia Aermacchi, Eos Xi of Turin Nimbus, or the Hero of Sistemi Dinamici of Pisa, a joint venture with Agusta Westland.


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