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Claudio Storelli’s story of success and Wayne Rooney’s helmet

The success of an Italian in a foreign land is a great satisfaction but at the same time hides a bit of sadness because Italy wasn’t able to keep a smart mind. Here the story of Claudio Storelli, 31, founder in USA of Storelli Sports, a company that deals with special clothing for football players, used by Manchester United’s champion Wayne Rooney.

In Claudio’s CV we discover that he arrived in USA at 15, without any particular knowledge of English, soon overcome with great tenacity and enthusiasm. So much so that he to enrolled, the following year, at Stanford University to graduate when he was only 20. Than a master’s degree at Columbia Law School at the age of 23 and an experience as a consultant at McKinsey and Bloomberg LP.
Three years ago, the real turning point: along with Jing Liang he founded Storelli Sports becoming very popular when Wayne Rooney used the protective helmet designed by Storelli Sport. This boosted the distribution of Storelli’s products worldwide, from the USA to Canada, from Colombia to Australia and Italy.

“I lived in California and then moved to the most charming city of the world: New York” Claudio says “I studied at Stanford and Columbia and then worked in leading companies such as McKinsey and Bloomberg. And everything all by myself: I didn’t know anyone in the United States.

Here exists a system promoting success and designed to offer opportunities “ Storelli continues, “It was precisely the meritocracy that convinced me to stay. Here nationality isn’t a problem but it’s important to communicate effectively. A leader must be an excellent communicator and people are inspired and motivated by someone who knows how to express himself in an eloquent and convincing way. If this is the case, there are many advantages such as starting to talk to a beautiful girl in a bar and realizing immediately how interesting one could be, but in the financial world one can be taken less seriously than a German …for instance. ”

The secret to enter the “mechanisms” of the American people? “It’s not the age that stops people, at least here – he concludes – I arrived as an underdog, without family or friends, and I could just work hard. I was always the youngest in any workplace or at school, but this has never been important. I’ve learned that one is accepted only if behaves without arrogance or pretending to be older than one’s age, admitting what one doesn’t know and playing one’s cards with no fear. “


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