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Cultural differences and etiquette for the women world

The etiquette, or the art to know how to behave in the right way in every situation, should take into account cultural differences and respect traditions, to avoid faux pas when we are abroad in a country we don’t know very well. Let’s now give some information regarding the etiquette with particular reference to women.

Each country has a different way of behaving in specific situations and the social position of the woman is very different in relation to the country we are visiting, and involves issues related to gender equality and religions, marriage and kid’s custody in divorce cases.

If your next destination is the Middle East, it’s useful to bring with you unrevealing clothes and a veil to cover your head in some special occasions, avoiding to discover your legs or to wear low-cut dresses. Remember that if you introduce yourself usually offering your hand to the person in front of you, this should be done only with Westerns.

In Japan the habit is that women don’t wear pants, something that could be offensive to men, and women choose skirts with flat shoes avoiding exceeding in height the man, as well as in China where an understated dressing style is appreciated. Particular attention in this case also to facial expressions and hands movements: too many gestures might seem undignified and even ridiculous.

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