Cultural differences and international training.

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Italians in the world

Our history led Italians to move in different countries of the world, bringing with us family, dreams and habits.

However working abroad is not so simple, but can offer great opportunities for personal growth, building relationships with people of other cultures.

The community of Italians living and working abroad (Aire Register of Italians living abroad counted more than 4 million in 2011) is growing and is concentrated mainly in Europe (more than 50%, especially in Germany and Switzerland) and in America, where the percentage reaches 40%. To follow, with a very large detachment, Oceania, Africa and Asia, the latter perhaps hampered by clearly evident cultural differences.

Compared to post-war years, when mostly manual workers left the country, laborers and artisans looking for any type of work, in recent years technicians and skilled professionals try their chance abroad looking for new opportunities more in line with their course of studies and specialization and for experiences with new markets, new people, and new cultures.

The main difficulties arise from the cultural shock derived from the feeling of ‘eradication’ and remoteness from home, in addition to an insufficient preparation to deal with other cultures.

It’s important to focus on cultural awareness and integration problems in order to gain a more international connotation that can make Italy globally competitive.

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