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“Italians aren’t lazy” by Barbara Serra

From the working point of view London is certainly an important city for Italians. We always start looking for opportunities from the most humble works hoping to arrive to the most important positions. A successful example is that of Barbara Serra, an Italian internationally renowned journalist, who twenty years ago landed in London and became the first foreign conductor of the BBC and now of UK Al Jazeera.

Her experience provided the right inspiration to write “Italians aren’t lazy“, a book dedicated to Italians living abroad with the purpose of showing our ambitious part, underlining our ability to achieve successful positions abroad, beating often inaccurate labels and integrating with different cultures.

Don’t complain and be very strict with yourself” is the advice of the Serra and Beppe Severgnini during the presentation of the book: “All Italians who had success in this city – and they are many – followed this rule, knowing that there was a small presumption of unreliability on us“. About the most noticeable cultural differences Barbara Serra advised to” take into account possible failure, don’t overdo your enthusiasm with the person you are speaking with and don’t mistake your colleagues with friends “. She also tells an anecdote on compliments directed to women in Italy and England: “It makes me smile when they say to me in Italy “you are good and beautiful”, because here nobody would ever mention beauty alongside professional skills.

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