Cultural differences and international training.

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A good start for itim italy

Year 2014 began with many interesting requests for training and consulting services to itim italy. A large client based in Milan expressed the need to raise awareness on cultural diversities for their people working in the open to their clients counters, and daily negotiating and assisting customers of different nationalities, with whom they often have communication and mutual understanding problems. The goal of our training, delivered to all front-end personnel, aimed at both acquiring a greater cross-cultural awareness and at identifying the most effective practices for managing often complex situations with foreign customers.
A second important international client, which recently programmed with itim italy training sessions for t salespeople in order to serve Chinese and Russian customers, required a two days training program dedicated to their boutiques managing directors. In this case, the training objective was aimed to focus all intercultural management appropriate techniques, in order to better manage their staff consisting of many different nationalities: Chinese, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Hungarian, Romanian, to mention only the most represented.
In both cases, the training offered by itim italy enabled participants to acquire specific and useful intercultural competences effective in everyday working environment, overcoming many inevitable biases and taking on the most effective ways of managing both foreign customers and international staff.
To all who followed with interest (and fun) our courses we wish good luck in the global village!

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