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Eataly: an Italian success in New York

An Italian worldwide excellence is linked to food and cooking and on this excellence  was born Eataly, the food stores chain specialized in high quality products, which managed in only three years to become a point of interest in New York city.

A profitable idea for the company that at the same time promotes our products abroad: Eataly reached $ 85 million per year and is considered the third most interesting attraction in New York, ranking even above MOMA.

An example of success in a leading sector of Italian economy abroad, behind which stands the belief  that “we can do it”, typical of Oscar Farinetti, creator and entrepreneur of Eataly, who in the past was the sponsor of a spot on optimism, which became somewhat viral.

Farinetti recommends to young Italians, often discouraged by the overall economic situation: “Young people in general should be optimistic and courageous! Not only overcoming fears, but acting with fortitude and determination, together with analytical, critical and careful study of the scenarios and the capacity to doubt. Recently I wrote a book on  important stories of courageous entrepreneurs in the wine sector who made it: “Stories of Courage” published by Mondadori. The message I’d give to young people is: it is easy to learn to become brave. The best method is to read stories of ordinary people who became special thanks to their courage. As often happens, experience could be more useful than studying, and in the case of courage it’s certainly the case.

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