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Eight Italian companies for internationalization

Unity is strength: that’s the case of eight Italian companies in the field of timber construction, potentially competing with each other, that decided to together face the delicate process of the internationalization of their business, in order to cope with the difficulties of the Italian market.

In recent years, the construction market in Italy recorded a strong and steady contraction, so that Assolegno (the association of wood processing and construction industries) decided to help the sector ‘s companies in approaching foreign markets, potentially more interesting.  After many meetings and workshops, the decision was taken to get into the game and face new challenges.

My company – says Andrea Sartirani, leader of the operation and owner of Sartirani Timbers – with other seven companies undertook the task of preparing a report on twelve countries to be soon selected on the basis of their growth potential, mainly in Middle East, North Africa and Caucasian area.”

The goal is to get interesting opportunities not focusing on low costs but on Made in Italy quality, at  present widely appreciated in furniture sector, and looking for countries where competitors aren’t strong yet.

It’s therefore very important to cooperate at strategic level, to have a thorough knowledge of the markets and be aware of cultural differences between Italy and the selected countries: three basic tools for success.

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