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Italian wines in China

Quality of products is not enough to conquer a market, especially if it’s foreign and emerging.  In fact, many variables play a role and the choice to approach such a market with a structured project is definitely the right one.  For this reason, two private consortia in the wine industry, Institute Grande Marche and Italia del vino consortium, submitted to the Ministry for Agriculture a specific project for the Chinese market.

 Despite the work done so far, the share of Italian wines in China dropped from 8% in 2006 to 6% in 2012, reaching only 75 million Euros in bulk and bottled wines against 612 in France, 177 in Australia, 114 in Chile and 87 in Spain.

For this reason, a structured intervention is needed with an investment of 4.7 million Euros: thanks to Institute Grande Marche and Italia del vino consortium, 32 Italian companies will have a chance to get into the Chinese market, companies with a total of 20 thousand hectares in thirteen Italian regions and a turnover of over 1, 4 billion Euros (of which 17% accounted for by exports).

Institutional interventions will take place such as training of the distribution chain operators, publication of an Italian-Mandarin dictionary with food and wine sectors vocabulary, a guide on how to match the best possible traditional Chinese cuisine with Italian wines and a web platform engaging Chinese bloggers, journalists and chefs to give visibility to our products.

Cultural integration between Italy and China is then becoming more and more important for companies of the wine Sector.

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