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Italians abroad: the growth of our companies in Mexico


The search for new potential markets for products exportation is a priority for Italian companies, committed to fight the economic crisis that is gripping, for many months now, the whole Europe.  One of the potentially interesting markets is definitely Mexico, where, according to data provided by the Secretaria de Economia, there are already over 1,400 Italian enterprises investing in the country.

 With a population of over 115 million people and a growing economy, Mexico is becoming a possible trade partner for Italy, both for its very favorable geographical position and for its cultural closeness with our country .

Among the 1,400 companies active in Mexico we find also important brands, such as Ferrero, Campari, Barilla, Bulgari, Fiat, Pirelli, Luxottica, just to name a few, which in Mexico found skilled labor force at a right cost as well as a stable (if not growing) economic context. In coming years these companies are likely to further increase their investments, as confirmed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

 “Over the last 20 years – said Salvatore Parano Director of ICE agency in Mexico – in Mexico were created the right conditions for Italian investments, such as a stable macroeconomic environment and skilled workforce.”  A recent example is the new Mexican plant the Ferrero in Silao, Guanajuato state: the result of an investment of 300 million dollars that will employ tens of Mexican workers.  In the same city there is also Pirelli that to the initial 200 million dollars added the same mount to further develop its production.  Not even the difficult situation existing in some Mexican regions (with problems of violence and security) seems to have influenced the choices of Italian and foreign investors, no company left the country for this reason.  Indeed Italian industries are looking at different areas to increase their presence and now San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Puebla, Guanajuato and the state of Hidalgo are top of the list. “

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