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Italian technology in China

A common stereotype depicts Italy as a traditionalist country, tied to a static economy not looking into the future, where technology in its broadest sense is still poorly acknowledged compared to other European countries. China has a different perception of our country: in fact for the Global Foundry Sourcing Conference invited Italian hi-tech SMEs.

Analyzing the technology industry we can see that there are large companies but also small startups that set up high technology companies often well-known overseas, as in the case Glancee.

Italian institutions should definitely pay more attention to these SMEs hoping that “Italian digitization” will become a solid and consolidated industry, creating jobs and opportunities especially for young Italians, often discouraged by the difficult present situation.

China is a growing market, finally aware that investments are needed to maintain levels of competitiveness, combining production with environmental protection. So China could definitely offer good business opportunities in this sector; the Global Foundry Sourcing Conference is the most important Chinese appointment for Hi-Tech, where not only to large companies but also Italian technologic parks can show advanced technologies and solutions for the manufacturing sector, interested in developing innovation and best practices. All of them made in Italy.

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