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Only in Norway…

Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, drives undercover a taxi in the center of Oslo to personally listen to the views and requests of his fellow citizens during last month election campaign. Read the article and watch the video…

Norwegian culture is low on Power Distance (index 31 in Hofstede’s Model) meaning that the importance of the hierarchy is reduced to a minimum and relationships with power holders, in this case political power, are very informal and relaxed, without appearing demagogic.

Sure, the ones who get on PM taxi are pleasantly surprised, but not uncomfortable, and many take the opportunity to present their own opinions and criticism, like the old lady who was going to send him a letter, but is pleased to get the opportunity to speak directly to him.

Stoltenberg used the video for his humorous campaign.

To Watch it, with English subtitles, click here.

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