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Made in Italy goes international

Made in Italy is booming abroad, as Marco Fortis, Vice President of the Edison Foundation stated analyzing the data of Gea-Edison Foundation Observatory: Italy is one of top five manufacturing countries of G20 in terms of export.

A “snapshot” that certainly seems at odds with the internal situation, where the economy is still weak and can’t recover from the crisis that affected the whole of Europe.

Internationally Italy is able to compete with Germany in emerging markets such as Turkey, Russia, Emirates and China. “Italy is one of the 5 manufacturing countries in G20 having a surplus in the trade balance with foreign countries – said Marco Fortis – hitting last year a record $ 115 billion dollars.

In 37 major emerging markets we export 100 billion euro, increased by 20 billion in past 5 years. In non-EU countries last year we had a manufacturing surplus of 63 billion dollars, two thirds of which generated from mechanics and transport sectors”.

This is definitely a starting point for our growth.

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